Saaslio Reporting and Integration

Saaslio's SaaS discovery tool enables MSPs to uncover, manage, and secure their clients’ SaaS ecosystems.  The summary and detail reports in LCI provide visibility into the vast landscape of SaaS & cloud software that your clients are using and reveals the currently unknown threats in their application landscape. 

The LCI integration will sync Saaslio data to encapsulate and report risks based on data points such as security log issues that are flagged by Saaslio, data breach announcements, shared credentials tracking and applications in use. 


(Set up instructions at the bottom of the article)


Viewing and Working with Saaslio Reports



More Reports Saaslio



The Saaslio report window in Lifecycle Insights provides read only reports showing summary and detailed levels of Sass users, applications, breaches, security log flags, and credentials usage information for your customer base.


Ready to use report summary tiles and graphs that can be added to customer QBRs.  Saaslio integrated reporting will give you the tools to create a more effective and well-rounded QBR and spark new conversations with your clients.





The summary dashboard displays summary tiles at the top of the page which encapsulate the data totals of the saas data reported by Saaslio



Tiles are provided to show at a glance statistics for your client's saas usage.  


Total Users -Active Users within the Saaslio platform. The total number of users shown does not include users that have been disabled or removed from Saaslio, or users that have expired due to lack of activity. 


Applications - saas applications such as Quickbooks Online, MS Teams, Zoom, DocuSign which currently installed on company resources.  Each application is categorized into 1 of 3 levels of risk: Critical, High Medium, and Low


Breaches - Reported data breaches for each saas application.

Security Logs - details user activity captured by Saaslio within a particular application. Security logs include things like file downloads and log-ins to particular SaaS applications 


Credentials - tracked login and pw information used to access saas applications. categorized into 4 areas: Flagged, Shared, Generic, and Personal.


Charts and Graphs


The charts and graphs displayed on the dashboard track critical saas datapoint changes over the previous 6-month time period.  


Number of flagged security log events by risk status of the applications (Critical, High, Medium, Low)

Number of applications added based on the risk status of the apps

Total of all apps graphed based on the risk status of the apps


The Saaslio Summary page can be exported as a pdf or MS Word document.  Click the icon located in the upper right corner of the screen to export the summary page. 




Detail Reports


Saaslio integration also provides detail reports for saas management.  Each report contains detailed insights into applications and usage as well as breach information and detailed security log alert information.  


Detail reports are accessed by clicking the details link at the top of the page




Reporting options are available at the top of the page for report type, date range, and column selection.

Select report date or date ranges by clicking the date selector and choosing the date or date ranges from the drop-down calendar.



Manage report columns by clicking the gear icon at the top of the window, then select the columns you wish to display or omit.  You can also drag and drop to reorder the column display.




You can use the search bar to search the report data for specific records.




The Select VIew option is used to select from the various reports available.  Click the arrow to the right of the report view to select a new view from the drop-down menu.




The following report views are available:


Application Summary

Application Usage

Application Breaches

User Summary

User Application Usage

Security Logs



Each report view contains columns specific to the report.

For more information regarding report details, please refer to your Saaslio documentation or available web resources.


You can export any of the Saaslio detail reports to PDF, Docx, or CSV file formats by selecting one of the export icons shown in the upper right corner of the screen.



User Data


A Saaslio column will also be added to the User List for matched Saaslio companies.  This column displays checkmarks for all users that are currently shown as active in Saaslio.  LCI color 'Swatching' is available in this column for your convenience.


Report Builder  


Lifecycle Inisights has also added a Saaslio component to Report Builder.  You can add Saaslio data to any report or existing reporting template with this component. 


Summary data and/or and detail report can be selected for the reporting component.  

To include multiple detail reports or combinations of detail and summary reports, add multiple Saaslio components to the report contents and select the desired report or summary for each report component.


Click the linked article below for information on setting up reports in Report Builder


Report Builder


How to enable the Saaslio Integration within LCI.

Saaslio Configuration

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Login to your Saaslio environment and select Org Preferences from the left menu pane, then select the Integrations sub-menu


Scroll down to the Data Integrations area and select the Lifecycle Insights tile by clicking the configure link at the bottom of the tile



In the configuration window, click the Generate API Key and Secret button



When the API key and API Secret are generated, copy both to your text editor.  You will need to paste these values into the LCI application later.



 Lifecycle Insights Configuration


Estimated time: 5 minutes

Earlier, when configuring ConnectWise, you wrote down/stored 2 data points.  Specifically:

  • API Key
  • API Secret

We will need to have access those 2 data points to set up the Saaslio Data Integration in Lifecycle Insights.

 Log into Lifecycle Insights.  The login URL is: .

Once logged in, notice the Left Navigation pane has an Integrations Option under Administration. Click on Integrations, and your main content pane will show the list of available integration sources.  Choose Saaslio

Under the API Credentials tab, enter the API Key and API Secret values in the corresponding lines of the configuration and check the Saaslio Integration Active checkbox.

Click Save Settings - you will be prompted to complete the company match section. 

Click the Company Match page selector at the top the page.

In the Company Match window, Saaslio companies are listed in the table.   In the left column, use the drop-down selector to choose the cooresponding LCI company name to match with the Saaslio company name.  

Click the Integration enabled checkbox for companies for which you want to receive Saaslio report data

You can click the Refresh Companies from Saaslio button to download the most recent company listing from Saaslio.

A search bar is also provided to find companies more quickly and conveniently.

Once your companies are mapped and sync'd, Saaslio data will be available for your clients.

Happy Lifecycling!