Security Awareness: KnowBe4 User Data and Reports

If you want the ability to communicate Security Awareness Training results/status in your Business Review Meeting, LCI now offers the ability to include KnowBe4 data reports in our platform.


The KnowBe4 report data requires an integration with your KnowBe4 data via our API connection.

Click this link for instructions on setting up and configuring a KnowBe4 integration in LCI:

Security Awareness Data: Configuring your KnowBe4 Integration


KnowBe4 reporting data can be found in both the User List for your tenant companies, as well as in our More Reports section of the application.  A KnowBe4 component is also available to use with our Report Builder.  


The User List Reporting


When you setup a KnowBe4 Integration in LCI, user list data for your tenant companies will be updated to include optional columns for data reporting.  This data is matched with the user data in the user list to show Active Accounts, Risk Score Data, Phishing Prone data for each user.    These columns can be selected for viewing in user list by clicking the Column Manager icon and selecting the KnowBe4 columns checkboxes for display.



Viewing KnowBe4 data in the More Reports Module


There are several reporting options available for your KnowBe4 data that is presented in the More Reports Module.

To access the report data, navigate to More Reports and select the KnowBe4 Report Tile.  Select a company from the drop-down list at the top of the screen that is configured in the KnowBe4 integration. 




You can filter the report data for select Training Modules reports by selecting the module from the drop-down list of available modules.



You can also select to filter the report data by Training Campaign by using the drop-down selector of available campaigns.




Use the Column Manager icon to select the columns you wish to display for your report.



You can also create column view templates to use for future reporting or analysis needs.





Lastly, we have added a new component in Report Builder that allows you to bring in your KnowBe4 data as a report component.  All available options are also available in the report builder component.