SimpleSat Reporting

Integrate your SimpleSat CSAT data with LCI to deliver more a dynamic QBRs to your client.

Show the level of excellent service you are delivering to your clients based on their own feedback.


Once you have completed the Simplesat integration, report data will be available for both your reference, and for presenting this report data to your clients. 


Simplesat Reports

Once you have configured the Simplesat Integration, a Simplesat report tile will be available under the More Reports menu in Lifecycle Insights for any company that has been selected for Simplesat integration in the company match page of the integration menu.



The reporting page will show report data for the selected company.  Select your company using the company selector located at the top of the page. 


You can use the Seach bar to look for specific data within the reports.  You can also select the reporting period from the provided drop-down selector.   We have also included an option that will allow you to hide non-rated items.

You can use swatching or sort by columns to further refine your data.




The Manage Columns icon will allow you to select specific columns to display in your report, as well as allow you to create saved views for future reference. 





Once you have configured and filtered your report data, you can export reports to MS Word or PDF format.  You can also download and save the reports to your report locker for later retrieval.


Report Builder


These reporting features and options are also available as a component within the Report Builder module.

The same searching and filtering options are available in Report Builder to allow you to customize the report data and how it is presented. 





Other Features


A Dashboard Tile containing Simplesat summary data will also be available for companies configured for Simplesat data.   The Dashboard tile also offers a timeline reporting option for the summary data.




A new security permission to access the Simplesat report data has also been added to the Security Groups section of Lifecycle Insights.  CLICK HERE for more information on accessing the Security Groups.