Report Builder has a new A.I. Assistant


Lifecycle Insights has added an A.I. assistant to our Report Builder module.  The A.I. assistant can help you generate a report template more efficiently saving you the time and effort of adding each component manually to build your report templates. 

Using the A.I. Assistant to Build Report Templates


Our new A.I. assistant can help you generate the report components you need automatically.  This will save you the time and effort of adding components to your report templates.  


The A.I. assistant is available by clicking the A.I. icon located next to the Template Action selector.



When you open the A.I. Assistant, a pop-up window will show.  Here you can type in your selections or choose items from the Top Ten Components selector.




When typing your selections for the components, do not use commas as separators simply type the component names as you would like them ordered in the template.



When you click submit the A.I. assistant will setup the report template with the selected components.


Some components will require further detail such as setting your reporting options or selecting specific events for the components.