How to Enable the Hook Integration within LCI

In order to integrate your Hook Security Awareness data into Lifecycle Insights to enhance your business report with client training statistics, you will need to first complete the integration steps in order to setup the API connection with your Infima instance. 

You will need to generate your API Key data within Hook.  Please consult your Hook instructions for adding an API key for Lifecycle Insights. 

Follow the instructions to create the API key.   You will need to note the Key's Secret value when creating the key, as you will need to add the key's secret value to the Hook Integration setup in Lifecycle Insights. 


Configuring the Lifecycle Insights Hook Integration


To enter your Infima API key information into Lifecycle Insights, navigate to the Integrations page using the left Navigation menu.  Under the Supplemental Data section, select the Infima tile. 


First, Select the API URL from the drop-down selector.

Next, enter your API Key Client Secret that you received from Hook. 



Next, click the Hook Integration Active checkbox, and then click the Save Settings button.

The system will kick off a first sync to pull your company data. 

You will need to click the Match Companies Tab to match the Hook company listing with the companies you have setup in Lifecycle Insights. 


Use the drop-down selectors to select the Lifecycle Insights company name to the Hook company name shown in the left column of the table. 

Use the Refresh Companies button to re-create the list of companies that are currently registered with Hook.  You can use this button as you add new clients to your Hook training programs. 

Alternatively, you can also use the Auto Map Companies button to have the system attempt to match the companies for you.  The Auto Map feature will match any companies that use the same name in Lifecycle Insights and Hook.

Once you have matched your companies, you can click the Sync Now Button that is available on the API Credentials page to sync you Hook data into Lifecycle Insights. 


You can reference the Log page to view sync logs for data validation.