Using the Image File Component in Report Builder

Lifecycle Insights has added an Image File component to report builder.   This component will allow you to create more robust reports by allowing you to add image files (png format) and PDF files to your template. 

 To use the Image File component, you will simply need to select this component for the drop-down list of available components. 

Once you have selected the component, use the displayed box to either drag and drop a file or click to select the file. 

If you click on the file drop area, a file selection window will appear to allow you to navigate to the file you would like to add to your template.   Select your file from here and click the Open Button. 


The Image File component will now show the selected file.  You can click the Replace File Button to change your selected file. 

You can rename the component by using the component tools available in the Manage Components sidebar.  You can also select between a global or company specific component setting. 

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